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More Than a Smile

It takes more than a pleasant smile and clean shoes to keep our customers happy. It’s our goal to perform our services above expected standards and give you results that show that we know our business. All our technicians are trained in proper pest management practices to deliver thorough pest protection, both inside and outside of your home and business. Bugz Pest & Lawn utilizes time proven traditional pest management methods, as well as natural methods to deliver the level of service you need to remain pest free. Ron Guthrie, company owner, has pioneered the development of specialty products and services, which he distributes through (Mojo Distributing). Bugz is a leader in the development of natural sources and methods to safely control and eliminate pests, and has been integral in the development of these services.

Residential & Commercial Services

Protecting Your Home

We thoroughly inspect your home to determine what types of insects and other unwanted pests can pose a potential threat. We then follow through with a customized treatment plan that will fully explain our findings and services. Bugz Pest & Lawn is serious about pest management, and as such we use sound and effective pest management practices, putting our services far ahead of other pest management companies. We don’t just come in, spray everything down with toxic chemicals and leave…we do it right the first time without cutting corners. Bugz has found it’s not about the amount of toxicity, rather it’s about utilizing the proper methods that enable natural or low toxic solutions.

Commercial Services

Bugz Pest & Lawn specializes in hard to control insects, birds and unwanted odors that directly affect your business. We use the latest technologies and applications to handle these problems head on. Like a personal home, no two businesses are identical in their pest management needs, and that’s exactly why, when we work with your company, we create a custom solution specific to your needs. It’s our policy to always implement natural or organic methods first to help maintain a pest free environment, with chemicals as a last or only resort.

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