Fertilize Your Lawn Naturally

What Is Fertigation?

FERTIGATION: The process of installing a reservoir, with patented dispersion components, which connects to your existing watering system in order to effectively deliver soil and plant nutrients to your lawn and garden when it’s needed.

Soil and plant nutrition has been a laborious effort over the years, involving lifting bags of fertilizer, pushing spreaders or mixing and blending liquid solutions to the proper dilution. Not to mention having to learn which formulation to use. Far too often, damage occurs to plants due to applying the wrong formulation. At Bugz & Lawnz we have simplified the process by utilizing our proven fertigation system. Easy, affordable, precise and non-toxic. By micro-dosing our formulation weekly, the Bugz & Lawnz fertigation system delivers the right amount of all natural nutrients, at the right times so you will grow a thicker, greener lawn and develop more floral blooms.

Aeration: When your soil is alive with beneficial microorganisms, deeper and more massive root structures occur, nutrients are more available to your plants and they become healthier, more pest resistant, and more drought tolerant. Stress on the plants is reduced considerably. Stop aerating with equipment and let nature do the work.

Water Conservation: Watering cycles can be reduced due to all the reasons stated above. In times of drought this is very important so we can put more water in our glass and less on the grass.

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