Natural Pest Control

Say Goodbye to Toxic Chemicals

The Benefits of Natural Pest Control

Managing pest infestations and feeding your lawn does not have to be harmful or complicated. When you use natural and organic products you can rest assured you and your family are safe from toxic exposure to harmful chemical pesticides. Make a conscious choice to provide only the best healthy solution for controlling pests in your home, lawn and garden. Choose the organic combinations from Bugz & Lawnz. There are many ways to apply our products. Choose the one that best fits your needs.

  • Pestigation/Fertigation – Uses your watering system to control pests & feed your lawn.
  • Manual Treatments – Performed by a licensed pest professional or you can apply them yourself.
  • Do It Yourself with products from our all natural DIY Store.

Safe Pest Solutions for the Garden too

Manage the pests that inhabit the garden and grow more and larger produce safely without toxic pesticides. Never worry about what you feed your family and friends when you use our all natural products.

Health & Wellness Is Important.


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