Controlling Pests Naturally

What Is Pestigation?

PESTIGATION is the process of installing a reservoir, with patented dispersion components, which connects to your existing watering system in order to effectively control pests for your home and lawn. The pestigation system applies an all natural formula at the optimum time, delivering the needed product to control your pests. Our product effectively kills on contact, provides a residual barrier which continues to eliminate pests and creates a repelling barrier until the next application. By interrupting all stages of the pest life cycle, we achieve success. Bugz & Lawnz develops strategies that center around pest habits, diets and environment. There had to be a better way of controlling pests. After years of testing and developing protocols and products, Bugz & Lawnz found the BETTER WAY. It’s ALL NATURAL, SAFE and AUTOMATED. Expanded covered pest list: For no additional cost, Bugz & Lawnz offers an expanded covered pest list compared to conventional pest treatments. With pestigation services we expand coverage to: FIRE ANTS, FLEAS, TICKS, CHIGGERS, CENTIPEDES, SCORPIONS, AND CHINCH BUGS. WHAT ABOUT MOSQUITOES, GNATS, NO-SEE-UMS, APHIDS AND MIDGES? These pests are not on our covered pest list but tests have shown a tremendous reduction in the populations of these pests, which customers consider controlled. Bugz & Lawnz believes we should STOP THE BITE BEFORE IT HAPPENS! 100-Eco-Friendly2

Is It Safe?

The “50 Cal”  pestigation insect formula is approved for use  in this system and  is all natural and  generally regarded as safe (GRAS).  Exempt  under the FIFRA 25b rules as established by the Environmental Protection Agency.  While this product is toxic to non-beneficial pests it presents no known harmful ingredients to people, pets or the environment.
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What Are the Advantages?

Pestigation is an  affordable and  automated system that  consistently treats pests on  a weekly basis to provide you with a non-toxic solution to pest  management. In addition, you will manage more  pests over a larger area  than  any other  conventional method utilized in the  industry today. Create a pest  barrier the  size  of your lawn and  enjoy pest  free living both  indoors  and  outdoors.  The PestSniper system protects you  from more  pests than traditional pest treatments for no additional cost. 50 Cal was developed  to  provide  a  natural  insect  pest   formula  to  manage unwanted, non-beneficial, insect pests effectively and safely for humans, pets and our  environment.    This  product was developed  using  a patented process that creates a unique mode of action to garner highly effective mortality results in a wide  range of insect pests. Due  to the  manner in which it kills the  insect pests, there  is no  method by which an  insect can  develop a resistance to its powerful effect.   Results happen in a matter  of seconds to a few minutes, depending on targeted pest  species.  In addition, 50 Cal provides a repelling barrier to extend the protection beyond the initial treatment cycle.   Combined with the PestSniper pestigation  system you  have  one  of  the  best   tactical  advantages  in  the  pest industry today.   No need for toxic chemicals when you can manage pest  naturally. This  product is  non-staining  and  has a  pleasant  scent.   No  re-entry  period  is needed after application.  Always follow label directions.

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