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Spider Webs, What’s A Person To Do?

You pack the family in the car and head out for the tranquility of your lake home in anticipation of the fun that lies ahead . . . swimming, boating, fishing and everything you have dreamed that lake living should be. With your home, in sight, that relaxed feeling comes over you as you say “we made it, I’m glad we’re here.”

You unpack the bags and grab a drink as you prepare to have a relaxing rest beside the pool or lake. With drink in hand you walk out the door and straight into the unsuspecting home of a spider and exclaim: “WHAT THE HECK?” Immediate swiping of hands going through your hair and over your shoulders so fast that it looks like a dance from the 70s Disco Club. Spider webs are everywhere! “Oh my goodness, look at these nasty webs. We can’t sit out here! Get the broom and pull out the water hose.” Work, work, work! Sound Familiar?

It doesn’t have to be this way, there is a solution to your frustration. It’s time to consider installing one of our automated misting systems. You may have heard about the automated misting systems and thought to yourself . . . “they are expensive.” Depending on the size of your home or dock (that is possible), but it is usually relevant to your needs.

Did you know the system can pay for itself, by preventing you from having to paint your home as often? The wear from pressure washing and detergents can take paint off, layer by later. Reduce the need for painting a couple times and the system has paid for itself. Whether you clean your home or boat dock yourself or hire it done; the cost in labor, time, material and paint will add up in a hurry.

Consider a Spider/Insect Misting System!

SPIDER MOJO: An affordable choice for your residence or business!

Imagine not having to clean spider webs and poo or to fight flying insects in these areas:

  • Around the exterior lighting of a building
  • Around the exterior of your home or business
  • Over your business’s covered gas pump areas
  • Around your signs and other areas
  • On your dock or marina
  • Anywhere spiders or insects exist outdoors

New Product & Service:

Bugz is proud to offer a new product and service, which has taken 3 years of research to find an all natural spider repellent that really works . . .

Spider Mojo

No equipment to buy. We do the work and you enjoy the benefits. Spider Mojo may be applied indoors. The only place you will find this service is at Bugz Pest & Lawn!

Go Natural, Go Mojo!

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